Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Devil Ray Blogtopia
  • Evidence that the Rays will not make a drastic name change. Rather it looks like the team will just drop "Devil" and officially become the Tampa Bay Rays. [Pewter Pirates]
  • The D-Rays in the NL Central? Well THAT makes sense. [Baseball For Thought]
  • A statistical look at Jonny Gomes shows that he is no Shane Spencer. [FanGraphs]
  • Yet another look at the progression of Jonny Gomes. [Beyond the Boxscore]
  • The Devil Rays are 3rd in costs per win! WooHoo! [Sports Column]
  • Was Rocco Baldelli the best player chosen in the first round of the 2000 amateur draft? [MaverickBall]
  • Could Aubrey Huff soon be wearing Dodger Blue? [DRays Bay]
  • One Met's feelings about Scott Kazmir...He is the anti-christ. [New York sportsblog]
  • Torii Hunter wouldn't want to play for the Rays...Hey Torii...why in the world would Tampa trade for you? []
  • The ushers at the Trop like to drink on the job. [fishchunks]
  • White Sox fans just figured out that Florida has a west coast. Who are we to judge the intelligence of southsiders? [South Side Sox]
  • Mark Hendrickson and Tyler Walker are not Major League pitchers? (well we might agree about the rest of the staff). [unrestricted view]
  • Barry Bonds has 714 home runs...Not one against the Devil Rays. Ha! [Baseball Analysts]
  • Apparently heckling an opposing player in front of children is the equivalent of child abuse, even if the language is clean and it is done in fun. [The Baseball Zealot]
  • One blogger thinks the Rays consist of over-the-hill has beens. This is why amateurs shouldn't be allowed to write about sports...oh wait...nevermind. [And with your help, I'll get that chicken]


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