Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Devil Rays Acquire The Rights Of Free Agent Blogger For $535

Last week we mentioned (via Deadspin) that a blogger was auctioning himself off on Ebay. Manny Stiles of ArmchairGM. has never had a favorite baseball team and declared himself a free agent with the proceeds going to charity. The winner of the auction would be able to decide which baseball team Stiles would cover during the 2007 season. Who won the rights to add another writer to their team's blogroll? The Rays very own doe-eyed team President Matthew Silverman for the grand total of $535 (and no, that is not a high school picture of Matt above. It is fairly recent). The bid amount plus an additional $1000 from Silverman are being donated to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to aid in research and care of pediatric AIDS patients. Manny's "salary" will double the Rays payroll for 2007 (at least it is tax deductible).

So it is now official Manny Stiles is a Rays fans. Let us be the first to say "Welcome aboard Manny!" And offer our condolences. Believe us, covering the Rays every day is not an easy gig even if the unintentional comedy is endless. We are willing to bet that Manny wishes he had an out-clause in the auction for this very scenario.

Wow! A professional blogger covering the Rays all season long. We are suddenly feeling a bit inadequate. Still, we are looking forward to it.

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Blogger Jason McAdams said...

Thanks Professor for this story. Absolutely Classic!

I'm a little surprised Steinbrenner hasn't cornered the ebay/blogger auction market though.

He's losing his touch(and mind).

3:10 AM  
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